Our Strengths

300+ assets

The Capital Stocks offers its clients more than 300 instruments for trading. Not only currency pairs, but there are also shares and spot instruments such as Gold, Silver as well as CFDs on the biggest indexes S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ Composite, FTSE 100, DAX 30, US Dollar Index, Bitcoin, and other instruments.

2 trading platforms to choose

We like to offer you choices. When it comes to trading platforms, we bring to you two platforms, Status Webtrader which is very appropriate for traders who are in their first steps. Second choice is MT4, which is very popular among trading platforms in the market. It is a good choice for advanced traders and investors who want to have enough tools to make even the most complicated technical analysis over various instruments.

Deposit bonuses

Trading with our company is reliable and very profitable because we are offering several bonuses. The bonus size varies from 33 to 100 percent. From experience, we have seen that not all of our clients prefer bonuses, so we let them a free hand to chose if they want it or not. However, if they deposit up to a certain amount of money, we boost their capital with a bonus, so they will have more capital to invest in the market, more positions to be opened, more chances to have successful ones.

Analyse market before placing any position

Successful results are hardly achievable if you do not make the proper analysis of the market. Our team of professional financial advisors provides technical and fundamental forex analysis. The material produced by The Capital Stocks analysts will keep each client in the know. Keep wise to the market trends!

Millions of clients

Reputation and work ethic are very important factors when it comes to choosing a broker. The Capital Stocks is chosen by 5 000 000 traders worldwide. The trust they have put on us is actually a big responsibility for our shoulders, and we are improving ourselves daily in order to meet your expectations. We value that we are your choice and we hope we are making it easy for you to trade on Forex and other markets.

Be safe with us

Trade on platforms developed to accomplish the all requests of traders.The trading platforms that we are offering have been custom built to deliver maximum performance, flexibility, and speed. You will take advantage of sophisticated trading features, professional charting tools, integrated market insights and more.


So should you.